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Haddon pseudo defense data card alliance guard base in a speed down the row

OutletSaler News: "Do not cast into a defensive game, stare," lost the playoff opener, let harden once again become the focus of the fans ". And about his "walk" defense argument, also had the support of the data.
ESPN recently released a statistical data: in this season all the defender, harden is one of the slowest. Don't look at Haddon breakthrough sharp, quick, but the average down, his speed isnot fast. Especially in the defensive end, he just moved 3.6 miles per hour (5.8 kilometers). Hisaverage speed, is only 3.4 miles (5.4 kilometers per hour), such as normal walking speed,almost, Harden has used such speed on the defensive.
But before the playoffs, a section about harden defense video began to spread over the internet. This the name is "James Harden dance" video for 11 minutes, all Harden during the match defense fragment, of course, are all his defensive lost fragments. In these fragments,Harden in the defense of little feet, basic it is watched rivals breakthrough, then a symbolic cutfrom behind a, that he did the defensive.
The defense was not good, Harden in the past but also by the attack to make up, but who would have thought in the playoffs this crucial time, Harden also began to "drop the ball on offense".With the Trail Blazers, opener, Haddon although obtained 27 points, but he took 28 shots, hit just 8 goals.
Low efficiency does not say, the critical moment Haddon also play a "stealth". The first game toovertime, the overtime, harden had scored odd.
The overtime, the Rockets received a total of 14 points, Jeremy Lin got 7 points, hot. At the end of the race, the Rockets also backward in the ratio of 120 to 122. The final blow, Jeremy Lin did not receive the ball, Harden in the match against forced shot, the ball hit out of the basket, the Rockets lose.
After the game, Haddon also admitted that he didn't play well in this game, and is willing to assume the responsibility to defeat. "At home to play, the last five or six minutes of the matchwhen we had a 11 points lead, one should have the ability to put an end to this game," Harden said, "this is a tough loss, but we will bounce back."
When it comes to harden the last shot, the Rockets coach Rick Mchale said: "he used to throwthat ball, but the ball, he was not very smooth."
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